17 October 2011 - After signing up to our managed dedicated hosting service, we had the hard task of breaking the news to our customer that their existing VPS server IP hosted by 1and1.co.uk was NOT hosted in the UK as they were originally told. Our confused customer then contacted their old host only to find that 1and1 are hosting their services in Germany, so either it started in the UK and was moved during the course of their contract, or they were missold the service.

If it had been moved, the first question was obviously to enquire about when it happened and why they were not informed about it but a generic response from the other side of the phone was unhelpful. Upon meeting with our customer we explained that hosting a UK marketing site on a German IP address was extremely bad for SEO as well as local ping response times (nothing worse than waiting after a click hey?).

Was there any downtime? When did it happen? WHY did it happen? How much of 1and1 is hosted in Germany? As fas as we know, all of it! All these question remained unanswered but one thing is for sure, our customer will never go back to cheap "no frills" hosting like 1and1 again. This obviously begs the REAL question of how 1and1.co.uk can still call themselves a UK hosting company?? Who knows... but if you want a REAL UK hosting company then look no further.

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