Database-driven sites are full of potential pitfalls. To start with there's your choice of management system. At The Server Centre we won't turn anyone away. We support current and previous versions of all popular solutions, including MySQL, MSSQL, FileMaker, Access and PostgreSQL.

Next, there's your hosting company. Our servers are housed in an environmentally-controlled facility with high-speed diversely-routed fibre links to the UK internet backbone. In addition to the physical security, we protect your data to BS7799 with bandwidth management and multiple firewalls that are monitored by our experienced engineers.

In fact, it's this personal touch that attracts most customers to The Server Centre. We won't insist that you use generic control panels or interactive telephone systems. Pick up the phone or send an email and your question will be answered by one of our support staff - someone who knows what you're talking about. When your web site needs to be flexible, your hosting company should be flexible as well.